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Mission Statement

Our mission is to cultivate the most exceptional cannabis flower, grown with love and expertise in the heart of Los Angeles. As passionate cultivators and innovators, we strive to continually refine our craft, embracing cutting-edge techniques to deliver a superior experience to our customers. Through education and community engagement, we aim to destigmatize cannabis consumption, fostering a healthier, more connected world. Welcome to Planta, where passion meets purpose, and every bud blooms with possibility.

Gelato 33 x Zkillato

This candy gas cultivar combines a distinct strawberry diesel gas with the Gelato 33 and Zkittles' sweet candy. This balanced hybrid creates euphoric, relaxing effects. Planta Exclusive.

Sunset Sherbet x Thin Mint Cookies I

This classic cookie family cultivar has a distinctive sweet earthy flavor. Gelato 41 is a hybrid that offers a heavy, relaxing body great for treating anxiety and depression.

South Florida OG x Gelato 41

This legendary cultivar gained notoriety for its nutty, burnt rubber gas and ultra high potency. This Indica dominant hybrid provides a sedative, relaxing high.

RS11 x Coffin Candy

This candy gas cultivar blends sweet candy with an even balance of RS11/OzK gas. This Indica leaning hybrid is known to have a creative, energetic effects. Planta Exclusive.

Lemon Tree x Gelato 41

Gelonade fuses Lemon Tree's fruity citrus flavor with Gelato 41's earthy gas. This sativa dominant hybrid provides an energetic uplifting high known to help with anxiety and stress.

Runtz x Zkillato

This award winning strain was also featured in High Time's, "Cappetta'’'s Cop List". This unique candy cultivar has complex layers of texture and flavor. Sweet candy and subtle tones of milk, cream and diesel gas. This Indica leaning hybrid has relaxing, couch locking high. Planta Exclusive.

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